is a website designed to help people find highly qualified DUI lawyers in your area. The goal of this website is to help those looking to find help with a driving under the influence case, easily match up with an attorney in their local area. The site is designed and maintained by a group of bloggers that it very involved with driving under the influence cases. The information on this website is strictly for informational purposes, and we are not providing legal advice in any way.

This website was started to help people quickly and easily find the best criminal defense attorneys that specialize in drunk driving defense cases. We have found that many attorneys and legal firms offer services in a variety of different fields, and it is difficult to find the best in each area of law.  A law firm that provides legal assistance in divorce, immigration, patent law, real estate, child custody or personal injury likely does not specialize in DUI law. We only want to provide attorneys that have high ratings and reviews online, and specialize in drunk driving defense.